Four Crazy, Over-the-Top Desserts That Will Make You Hungry

See It Chicago
Producer, Videographer, Editor
May 2017

Who needs a special occasion to indulge in a sugary treat? We certainly don’t. That’s why we set out to find some of the craziest, over-the-top desserts around Chicago.

Several of the desserts featured include a toasty s’mores pie from Sweet Mandy B’s; a colorful, double-decker birthday cake donut from Firecakes; and a gigantic slice of spicy carrot cake at Gibsons Steakhouse.

One dessert sure to turn heads is the selection of cake shakes at Public House. Available flavors include chocolate stout, vanilla porter and a monthly seasonal flavor. These shakes aren’t for kids though – different alcohols are added to compliment the flavors of the ice cream!