ABA Survey of Civic Literacy Webinar

American Bar Association
Producer, Editor
May 2021

With the world still in the grasp of the COVID-19 pandemic, the American Bar Association needed to pivot to a webinar platform to release its 2021 survey results.

In previous years, See It Media was charged with producing the highlight video played during the in-person press conference. This year, however, See It Media was also responsible for producing the entire live webinar.

Featuring five powerhouse panelists, including CNN Senior Legal Analyst Laura Coates and ABA President Patricia Lee Refo, the pressure was on to overcome Zoom fatigue; the webinar needed to resemble a well-directed television news program versus a clumsy video call with participants speaking while muted.

After developing a technical script and hosting several pre-show rehearsals, any and all kinks were ironed out and the live webinar successfully went off without a hitch.